Amazing statues part 1. Child of Beslan

399A1540aaThe little boy is dressed only in the underwear. On his stone face, pain, anger and terror are recognizable. Standing in front of him in the silence I could clearly hear him shouting in despair, fear, calling for help. The situation that this monument commemorates is still in my eyes. I see children crowded in the gym, without food and drink, and guardians with rifles watching over them. I remember the scene when, during the storming of Russian troops, children dressed only in their underwear, screaming tried to run through the courtyard towards freedom, but the terrorists shot them in the back. The stack of children’s bodies increased. 186 of them died. The siege of the school took place from 1 to 3 September 2004 in Beslan, in Ossetia, the Russian province. So recent. The Chechen leader Shamil Basayev took responsibility for the preparation of the attack.399A1541

This monument encountered on the hill in San Marino begs that no one will forget what happened then. And never, ever again, something like that should happen.399A1542

There is a lack of words to express the emotions that have struck me as I stood before this monument. Horrible scenes from television will never be erased from my memory.

The author of the monument is Renzo Jarno Vandi born in the sculptor San Marino. Here is his page, unfortunately only in Italian:


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  1. It’s power plays of stupidity like this that just infuriate the normal human being. The screams of innocence combined with the fear of out of control power that allowed this horror to play out is inexcusable for modern times but yet they still occur due to greed of power. Only Christ can totally stop this…and one day he will.


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