Vacation Holiday Break

I took a vacation in writing a blog. Vacation is in this case a really nice american word, for me it sounds much better than holiday or break. So I stopped writing for good few weeks. For many reasons. I’ve had enough, I didn’t really feel like writing, I needed a change, I needed to reanalyse my blog, to really think through about what I want to write and how I want my blog to look like. 399A0725Sometimes I struggle, at the end English is not my first language. Should I concentrate on photography, show more, write less, as apparently these days people don’t like reading long texts. But I write blog also for myself, this is my collection of places, of memories. Maybe when I am one hundred years old I will be reading it with nostalgia…

Anyway I didn’t really stop writing or photographing entirely when on vacation. I visited some incredible places, lots of small towns, I love the most, and I took a million of photos. Also, I read like crazy. I noticed that if I don’t spent time online trying to promote my blog on different sites, i have all that time for myself.

399A0721I read a great book about St Petersburg because I wanted to know something about the city before I went there. The book is called “St Petersburg, City of Dreams” and this is a collection of reportage written by Polish author Joanna Woźniczko- Czeczot. She spent years studying and collecting materials, she met and interviewed lots of different people, and she did deep research into the history of this place, not only the official version, approved by Russian government, but the true history. Reading this book i almost cry, I have never heard of the city more soaked in blood through centuries than Petersburg. And what’s worse in most cases it was the Russians, the citizens of this country who did all those terrible things to other citizens, to other Russians.

399A0089After I finish it, I read biography of Brigitte Bardot by Marie Dominique Lelievre. We were about to go to Cote D’Azur for a week and who is the most famous daughter of this region if not Brigitte Bardot. Although now I think I shouldn’t read this book as now I am not so keen on her. But on the other hand it was amazing, even for a moment, to move into the times of the glitz of the French cinema and meet all these stars.

After Brigitte I read Camino island by John Grisham and this made me to rediscover the classics like Fitzgerald (who by the way loved and lived in French Rivera) and Catcher In the Rye by Salinger and actually this last book convinced me that I should write what I feel and think. I decided to try write down my thoughts about places, about people I met, about the impression they make on me.

murals (49)Now I am reading 2 biographies of Polanski and of Forsyth, and I am looking for novels which were set in Manchester. Recently I spent a weekend there and the psychedelic qualities of this city captured my mind completely. I was strolling the streets at very early morning, and I was amazed, but I write about it some other time.


  1. Once I was so motivated to go to St.Petersburg, but now I am not sure. Even more Manchester looks quite more interesting than culture and history capitol in Russia…
    Anyway, I also have days like this when I want to go back to my memories and read, watch them with mentioned nostalgia ;-))


  2. I’m dreaming about St Petersburg after I fell in love with Dostoevsky couple of years ago, so it was nice to see it through your eyes/blog. And speaking about blog – if you need a break, it’s ok, it always depends on the intentions. If you’re striking to earn money on it one day, you need to be consistent, but if it’s a hobby and you enjoy writing it (even if majority won’t read it – same for me), do it even more! It must be a pleasure, readers can find out if it’s not 😉

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  3. I also somwtimes think that maybe I should write like this or that (because readers, because seo!) But then I realise I have my own style and I like it, and I don’t want to change it. And when I need a break – I also do it. That’s the freedom of blogging 🙂

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