Memorial to The Murdered Jews of Europe

During the WWII Hitler and his Nazi followers killed few million Jews. There is so many theories why they hated Jews people so much. One of them mentions that Hitler wasn’t accepted in famous art school in Vienna run by the Jew management. Sounds silly? Maybe, but I believe people are capable of the worst when their pride has been humiliated, when they pride hurts.

After the war German people had to live with this stigma and this huge guilt. Now there is new generation of Germans and I trust they are better people than their parents and grandparents.


In between 2003 and 3004 Germans build this amazing construction dedicated to the Murdered Jews of Europe, some people called it The Holocaust Memorial. This monument, or rather the labyrinth of 2711 concrete blocks resembles a huge burial ground. The concrete blocks were designed in this way to create a restless atmosphere, and the whole monument is supposed to represent an allegedly ordered system that has lost contact with humanity. The Foundation’s of the Memorial website mentions that the project represents a radical approach to the traditional concept of monuments. People, who visits this places notice that the construction resembles a cemetery or necropolis, perhaps for those who have not been buried or who were thrown into unmarked holes in the ground. A few uneasy sloping blocks suggest an old or neglected, and even desecrated cemetery. This huge abstract installation leaves plenty of room for interpretation. a11

I was wandering among the slabs like in some kind of maze, the feeling was uneasy, a bit claustrophobic, especially that the field was slopped and going forward I was going deeper and deeper, where I couldn’t see the exit. I was on the verge of being scared. Perhaps the architect Peter Eisenman wanted us to feel like this, almost re-enact, to certain degree, how those people felt during the war (off course one cannot really compare these situations). I have to say if you concentrate at where you are and you think about all those killed people during Holocaust the feelings are overwhelming.
A few facts:
The site is 4.7 acres
2711 concrete slabs are arranged in a grid pattern on a sloping field (architect didn’t explain where this number is coming from)
The blocks are 2.38 m long, 0.95 m wide and vary in height from 0.2 m to 4.7 m
They are organized in rows 54 to the north-west, 87 to the west-west at right angles, but slightly crooked
The underground information place has the names approximately 3 million Jews victims

address : CORA – BERLINER -STR 1, 10117 BERLIN


  1. it’s always a good idea to give recognition to those who went through something tragic and honor them. Thank goodness people have changed their views and have more empathy and an open mind.


  2. Thank you for writing this post! History is something that is as informative as it is intriguing. So sad this atrocity ever took place. Germany and this memeorial now added to my bucket list.


  3. Thank you. I visited this years ago but did not do anything than stay at the top. I wish I had known more!


  4. It was tragic what these people went throgh and they deserve a memorial to put their souls at ease and for their families to have memorial to remember them by.


  5. This country really suffered a lot under this man’s hatred. It’s hard to forget and forgive. Many cities and villages were burnt to the ash! That’s nothing but wickedness


  6. The Holocaust was a very, very sad time in history. Wars are stupid. No one ever comes out victorious. This memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe is a chilling reminder of the effects of violence and war.


  7. I don’t think I could ever go into something like this. The idea that people were killed and the numbers were so catastrophic that you really couldn’t count. They were being dumped like garbage and they were human lives! I can’t imagine that a human being could have been that evil. So horrible. I still get chills every time I hear about the holocaust!


  8. Hitler was the worst enemy of Jews, don’t know why but he was. This memorial build by Germans shows compassion they have for jews now


  9. I’ll probably get scared too on the part where you go deeper and deeper and couldnt find the exit. Being in this Holocaust memorial will make me cry I guess.


  10. We must never forget the lives that were lost. This memorial is beautiful and it’s worth going to. I cannot even begin to imagine the hardship, the pain, and the suffering they had to go through.


  11. I’ve heard of this memorial recently. I had no idea it existed, but I am glad something is there in memory of. I am sure it’s helpful for family to have a place to go and remember their ancestors, even if it’s such a sad memory 😦


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