Tennis in Paris

Have you watched the finals of French Open? I have. I’m not a big sports fan, but I really like tennis, especially at this level. I must admit that these results have made me very happy. Yesterday, Romanian girl Halep defeated the American Stephens, and today for the 11th time Nadal won the French Open, with great virtuosity defeating Austrian Thiem. I was happy because I had the pleasure of watching this pair of winners live. Rafa Nadal I saw at Wimbledon, and Halep last year in Roland Garros courts. 

It was nice to return with my memories to this place. The sun was shining in the sky, and we were tensely  following the ball. a2Unfortunately, Halep lost last year and I felt sorry for her. She fought fiercely and made a very positive impression. We were surrounded by Romanian fans holding flags of their country, who enthusiastically supported her and her every move was welcomed with a shout. a3ostapenko

I remember the French Open courts as a tropical kingdom of oranges. In this color there were towels (I am a happy owner of one of them), skirts and shorts and t-shirt of volunteers, big, comfortable cushions by a wide screen, cups for coffee and of course the brick surface also shines orangly from a distance. a1


The atmosphere was also sunny and I really dream that someday I will be able to return there. That place is a paradise for people like me who love to take pictures.

Would you like to go one day to Roland Garros?


  1. The only tennis stars I saw play were Michael Chang and Steffan Edberg. It was always nice seeing them be successful. Michael Change I actually got to meet. He was such a good guy.


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