Cheese Fest in Kent

Have you ever eaten macaroni cheese for breakfast? Actually macaroni from a wheel of cheese? It happened to me last Sunday, because I landed in a paradise. Very nice man placed cooked pasta into a huge wheel of cheese and stirred few times, then he served it to me, topped with sauteed mushrooms. I was in a cheese heaven.collage-cheese-wheel For the very first time the Cheese Festival was organised in Kent Showground in Maidstone. Independent and artisan producers and sellers from all over the country and from abroad were invited. There really was a huge choice of cheese; from traditional English cheddar, soft cheese produced in UK, Stilton, velvet-like melted raclette, fried mozzarella sticks to halloumi fries and cheese sauce for nachos. We could test as much as we liked.collage-testowanie Some cheese we had no idea it existed, for example black one with the addition of charcoal. I’ll show you some pictures and I bet your mouth will water. Especially we liked the stall with different types of cheddar cheese, because we adore cheddar so much, and this one tested so much better to the one you buy in supermarkets. We could buy cheddar with added various ingredients for example prosecco with strawberries, mangoes, whiskeys, ginger, etc.collage-sery1collage-sery We never heard before about Lancashire bombs. All tested divine. We were indulging ourselves in those unknown aromas.
People with a sweet palate also had a lot to choose from, because there was one stall with heavenly cheesecakes and another one with traditional English fudges, so smooth and delicious. collage-sernik

Between one piece of cheese and the other, we washed our throats with great wine or beer from local producers. Apart from cheese there were stalls of French dry sausages, truffles, smoked garlic, which I’ve never tasted before, and even chopping boards or shopping bags like my mum used to have. collage-czosnekcollage-inne-rzeczycollage-inne-rzeczy1

Cherry of the cake of this festiwal was invited guest Sean Wilson, English actor known from Coronation Street, who is also a chef and cheesemaker. He was telling us all about his cheese making methods and his empire of Artisan Farm


I hope you like my cheese festival coverage and maybe I see you next year in Kent.


  1. It all looks pretty amazing. I would love all the cheeses . But I am really curious about the one with charcoal. That does sound interesting. And the cheesecakes? mmmmm.


  2. Oh my!! this is paradise! I would really really wanted this feast. I wish someone could arrange something like that here. Cheese is happiness!


  3. I would love to be able to go to a cheese fest. Looks like a fabulous time. I am also a cheese addict, so this is an event that would be amazing for me to experience.


  4. This makes me want to attend next year’s cheese festival! You did wonderful covering the event! I enjoyed looking at the pictures as well. It’s a cheese lover’s dream come true!


  5. I’ve never eaten the cheese but it sounds great reading your article and seeing those images. I hope you’d a great time in the festival.


  6. Cheese fest??? Wow! That sounds awesome since I love preparing a couple of my foods with cheese too. Although I haven’t tried taking macaroni and cheese but it sounds yummy!


  7. Wow a feast of cheese, this is awesome! It looks like you had a really great time indeed and got to see so many great and unique cheeses.


  8. I’m a huge fan of cheese so reading this was mouthwatering! Love the huge wheel so cool.



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