Planning a visit in a city or town

I like small, charming towns, especially those with rich history, built long long time ago. But  from time to time I also visit bigger cities and ALWAYS, I find something I like (that’s my nature). But before I go to a new place, I like to be well prepared so that I will not miss the gems.399a1279


1 First I read about the history of the city, and sometimes I buy novels, which take place there and I pay extra attention to the descriptions

2 I look at TripAdvisor and check what people recommend ( i read the comments)

3 I ask other bloggers for links to a given place and I read them to find out  what they liked

4 I make a list of things and places to see, to taste, to experience according to what I have read or heard so far.

5 Every element on the list I google, some of them i  remove

6 if it is a city, I google statues and monuments, murals and medieval and art nouveau architecture, because these things are MUST for me

7 I check if some artists, writers are connected with a the place and then I read their biographies because I love to walk in the footsteps of such people (my beloved ones are Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, Victor Hugo)

8 I search internet for viewpoints and good photo shooting places

7 I put all these things and places on the map and arrange them into one route or more routes depending on how long I will be there (sometimes I have to choose, because I will not be able to see everything)

8 I prints maps and addresses

9 Sometimes I buy guides or maps, sometimes I download the app


11 Regardless of my planning, if I see, something new, pretty, interesting – I would change plans and go there

What about you?
What you do before going to a new city? What are you looking for? Do you visit museums, parks and monuments? Do you have things that you like more and you always look for them? Are you preparing a sightseeing or tour plan in advance? Share with us, maybe I will learn something


  1. I’m nice, too. I count on one conversation for them…
    PS. If I use some word incorrectly, if you have the wanted and the time, you can correct that’s what. I write Because I learn English by myself. Heve a nice day!

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  2. Hi, De! I am very happy that you are running/write (?) a blog in English! Because I can practice language in this way. And of course, nice to read you :-).


  3. Great idea about finding out about famous writers about the past who used to live in a place and feeling their vibe. Will do that, too. Thanks! 😀


  4. I’m also a cultural traveller, who don’t wanna miss anything. I also check out out if there’s any temporary exhibitions on and what unesco sites there is. And my sisters checks for the best food. So we almost never have a bad citybreak.


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