Long weekend in Berlin – part 1 round up

Long weekend in Berlin? Yes, great idea, is definitely worth it. We drove as a gang of 10 people and we were worried that we would have problems finding a restaurant or a pub accommodating us. Not in Berlin.  Strolling around the city was a pleasure, and the weather gave us wings. 399A3381

Before we left, we booked a walking tour with a guide, via Trip Advisor. This is link  ORIGINAL BERLIN WALKS

  Again we were not sure what to expect. we were afraid that they add us to a very large group of people and we would follow our guide around the city at the pace of a running cheetah. Instead, this walk was a pure pleasure. Actually many of us think that it was the best point of the whole trip to Berlin. Especially our guide Darren, charming Irishman with a great sense of humour (I guess there is no Irish without a sense of humour, right?) was delightful. His knowledge knocked our socks off. He knew everything about Berlin, especially about the the Second World War. What was even more interesting he filled us not only with the dry facts, but he talked, with an incredible passion, about people of that time, their mental blemishes. He made us all think when he said that the more you study and read about this period, the less of it you understand. Because it is not easy to understand that the ordinary people could prepare such fate for other ordinary people.


I will write separate posts about places we visited with Darren. They are coming soon.

We stayed in the very centre of Berlin, nearby Checkpoint Charlie, famous or rather infamous border place between East and West Berlin.399A3720 The hotel met our expectations, it was comfortable, clean, good enough to sleep well after a busy day. Downstairs there was a bar open until 1am. After returning from sightseeing we could go there for a drink, mostly a good beer in a one liter glass.399A3918 Breakfast was tasty, there was plenty of choices,you could have sweet continental or proper english with egg and bacon.  However, drinks were disappointing: cold coffee, untasty tea and especially juices, heavily diluted with water. If you expect a good breakfast English tea, like our friend Monica, go someplace else. This is the link to the hotel GAT CHECKPOINT CHARLIE

399A3684For saturday dinner, we booked a typical German Maximilians restaurant. It was a good idea because the next day we were walking like headless chickens looking for a restaurant, and finally, we found ourselves in an Italian tavern which leaves a lot to be desired. Especially the Italian waiter, who was probably a bit light-tipped. His jokes were on the bounds of decency and he would notoriously forget our orders. I should, however, note, that serving our group is sometimes not easy, because we like to change our minds and complicate the situation. Nevertheless, the service could have been nicer. When it comes to food, the pasta with sauces was very good, except for our friend Kristina, who got ravioli much harder than al dente. Much worse was the pizza. My so-called pizza bread was heavily desiccated and if it was not for the garlic oil I got as a dressing, it would be hard to eat it. The ice cream that we bought at the end was okey, but far from delight. Later, we read an article that Italian restaurants in Berlin don’t have a good reputation, and are rather at a mediocre level. Shame we did not know before. However fter 5 hours of walking, we were hungry and tired and just wanted to eat something. We had beer and wine to wash things down.

I will write a separate text about the German restaurant Maximilians mentioned above. For those interested, I will give you a link here, unfortunately, it is only in German: MAXIMILIANS

Before we appeared in Berlin, we booked another attraction for Saturday evening. It was a burlesque show at the Kleine Nachtrevue club. 399A3692I must admit it was one of the most interesting things I had the opportunity to experience. Before entering we bet if we see women’s nipples there, but as it turned out we saw a lot more. But I will not reveal any details here. I must say that the show, despite its intimacy, was not vulgar, it was tasteful and often funny. Kevin’s dance with a towel was definitely our favourite. I will devote a separate article to this place, but for those interested here is the link: BURLESQUES SHOW KLEINE NACHTREVUE

The next day, we took a very long walk practically through the Mitte historical centre of Berlin,  and on the place called Museum Island we visited Pergamon museum, where you can find beautifully restored babylonian gate of Ishtar. Unfortunately the second attraction, Pergamon altar was being restored and we couldn’t see it. 399A3852My professor at university once told us, students, that if we want to study properly ancient civilisations we must first visit London, Paris and Berlin because all important relicts are collected there. This is link: Pergamon Museum

From the Mitte we walked along the typical communist-type blockhouse estates, up to the world’s largest murals gallery. The city authorities allowed artists from different countries to cover with paintings the remains of the former wall separating East Berlin from the West. Of course, I will write a separate text about it, because this is one of the most intriguing places in Berlin. Here, for a taste, I will show you some photos: 



In the evening, we went to the highest pub in Berlin. 399A4179Before leaving for Berlin, my father, who for many years worked in Germany, urged me to visit this amazing relic of the communist era. I mean the TV tower. We managed to get there to see the sunset and I would definitely recommend this time to admire the view. 399A4166

We were however disappointed by the organization of the entire place, but I write about it another time. Here is the link TV TOWER

Last day in Berlin, Bank Holiday Monday, we spent visiting the Currywurst Museum. If is worth going there, everyone has to decide for themselves.399A4351 For me, the exposition was too tiny and too plastic, but the sausages they gave us to taste at the end were good. And supposedly it contained as much as 93 percent of meat. Jatinder, one of our friends had some doubts about it, but i want to believe that is true. Because i like it very much.

Here is the link to the museum: CURRYWURST MUSEUM

399A3865We took the last stroll through Berlin along the Spree River, over which there are comfy-looking pubs and restaurants. We walked all the way to Hackescher Markt, where we ate our last German meal; most of us had currywurst with chips, I ate a pretzel with Bavarian cheese, Karen had lovely chicken salad and the two brave fellows tried themselves with a large portion of pork knuckle with meatloaf and sausages – typically German meal. 399A4373Apparently, it tasted divine.  This is the link to the restaurant: WEIHENSTEPHANER RESTAURANT

Maybe it was the weather, or maybe a good, cold beer, but we were leaving Berlin with tenderness and nostalgia. We learned a lot, even though we did not even see a substitute of what Berlin has to offer, but above all, once again we confirmed that we like spending time together.

This photo is arranged by my amazing friend Karen and taken fantastically by her second half Paul.



  1. I was in Berlin few times and I still would like to visit this city again. Long walks, especially when the weather is nice, are the best way to get to know the city!

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  2. I also did a walking tour in Berlin once and it was a great experience. Actually, I love taking walkig tours at the beginning of my stay in a city – that’s a great way of familiarizing myself with the place.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Looks like a perfect plan for couple days off 🙂 I’ve been to Berlin about 4 years ago but just for 3-4 hours. Looks like I should go back there and see some more places 😉


  4. The view of the sunset from the TV tower is so beautiful. I love sunsets. There is just something so magical watching the sun disappear on the horizon. Thank you for sharing your experience visiting Berlin.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I am a big fan of street art. The artists are really talented. I imagine one day they would be famous for their art work. Berlin is on our travel bucket list and I hope we get to visit this year.


  6. Very intense weekend. No doubt about that.However, you should definitely reveal more details regarding all the places. What was especially charming in Kleine Nachtrevue or why do not you like the TV tower? Looking forward to read more about it.


  7. Berlin looks like such a beautiful place to visit! There’s also so much history there. I have a few friends that used to visit there regularly, and they always talked about how great it was. Also, your photos are beautiful!


  8. There is nothing better than traveling with friends especially to a place like Berlin which has endured so much. The history of Berlin is a subject in itself. Reading your post I am taken back to my history class when I learned about the Second World War. I would think how can humans be so prejudiced and blinded by their ideologies let fellow humans suffer.

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  9. I still promise myself that I will come back to Berlin. I was there once, something like 10 years ago and this city was really interesting for me. Maybe because of all this contrast and artistic atmosphere.

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  10. I have not been in Berlin so far, but I am planning to visit the place. Beer and museums and of course I would love to see also the street paintings! Thank you for the trip 🙂

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