My Kent – Scotney Castle

For last 15 years, I have lived in Kent, in one of the most beautiful counties of England,  a place where beauty intertwines with history, where the views are breathtaking, in the gardens of England. Even though I am not English, I loved this place with all my heart,  therefore, from time to time I decided to tell you about “my” beloved locations, about my wandering around. I will start today and show you paradise on earth named Scotney Castle


Romantic, poetic, wistful, sentimental, lyrical;  I guess my vocabulary is too poor to describe this place. Looks like is drawn from a fairy tale. English magnate possessions always have charm, but Scotney Castle is a real gem. It is located in the Bewl river’s valley in Kent, near the town of Royal Tunbridge Welles, and despite the name, it is not a real castle. The estate consists of two parts; ruins remembering 1378 and a newer residence built by the owners in the nineteenth century.collage scotney castle

Ruins are a remnant of a medieval, defensive building, built in the shape of a rhomb with round towers in all corners. Only south of the towers survived. What’s left really resembles the ruins of the fortress, and its location on the picturesque lake and surrounded by a beautiful garden is what makes this place an incredible beauty.

The newer buildings, equally pretty, was built of local sandstone from “just around the corner”. The architect Anthony Salvin was an expert in renewing medieval Tudor style buildings, among others he contributed to the renewal of the Royal Windsor Castle. In 1970, the last member of the owners Hussey family died and the estate passed into the hands of the National Trust, a charity that looks after old mansions, palaces, gardens, etc. Their  direct mentor is Prince Charles himself. Thanks to National Trust, these properties have a chance to survive. Real professionals, historians, conservators, gardeners and a whole host of volunteers contribute to the preservation of those places.collage scotney castle2

It was said that at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, when she wanted to escape from the hustle and bustle of London, she rented an apartment in Scotney Castle.  She could not choose a better place.
I would like to invite you to visit this piece of paradise on earth.

Admission: adult £ 13.00, child £ 6.50, Family ticket £ 32.50


  1. Scotney castle c’est un nom qui sonne comme un voyage à lui tout. Voyage dans l’imagination, les temps anciens ou plus récents, puisque tu y a vécu encore récemment. Bel endroit qui semble vouloir prêter à la rêverie.

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