Etretat- beautiful town

In the previous text, I showed you the Normandy coast in the area of ​​Etretat, and today I would like to invite you for a walk around the town. It is simply wonderful, small streets and old colorful houses create a fairytale-like atmosphere. Once it served as a fishing village, but in the nineteenth century, this place was discovered by Parisians and has since become a famous touristic resort. As I wrote in the previous entry, there were many artists and writers here, including Monet, Hugo, Flaubert, Maupassant, Coubert.

399A2586A walk around the town is pure pleasure. From a small square in the middle of the village (Place Foch), you can see the church of Our Lady built on the cliffs and towering above the area. And on the side of the square there stands the old cloth hall, which was beautifully restored after the war. 399A2585The surrounding buildings are very attractive, renovated medieval houses, and some of them have beautifully carved brackets and decorations. However, the city is dominated by buildings from the times of the so-called Belle Epoque, that is from the beginning of the 20th century when the town achieved the greatest splendour.399A2575

Apparently this town is a birthplace of the famous thief – gentleman Arsene Lupine. On the suburbs of town there is a building called Le Clos, a museum styled as this famous protagonist’s house based on description in Leblanc’s books.Maurice-Leblanc

It is not a surprise, this town and the coast really stimulates the imagination.


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