Dreamlike coast in France.

The white coast is mostly associated with Great Britain. Shining in the sun, ragged chalk cliffs are the first thing tourists see in the distance when arriving by ferry. But the French coast of Normandy can really catch up. I even have a theory that once these two parts were connected, and not just by having the same king.


In the area around the town of Etretat, nature took its skills to the heights and created an amazing, dramatic landscape. Erosion has created wonders in chalk here: natural arches immersed in water, rock needles, rock shelves, and between them a quietly hidden shiny white beach. Some cliffs reach up to 90 meters high above sea level. They had a role in Luc Besson’s movie, Lucy. have you seen?

A trail leads along the coast and you can walk for miles by the sea, admiring the breathtaking views. Painters: Impressionists and Gustav Coubert were amongst first who appreciated the place and stayed here often to paint masterpieces.399A2512

Here for the last time, in 1927, was seen the White Bird (L’Oiseau Blanc), the plane that was to be first to fly the Atlantic and reach New York without a stop. Unfortunately, it was lost somewhere along the way. nobody knows where.

Looking at these products of nature, people imagined different things, for example, they saw an elephant with a trumpet immersed in water, others saw a gate, and others, among them a French writer Maupassant in the rocks saw a sailing ship. 399A2486

And what do you see looking at these cliffs?